Thursday, November 13, 2014

This guy is freakin' awesome! He is Florian "Venom" Kohler, born on July 10, 1988. He only started playing pool at the age of 18 when he received a pool table as a gift from his parents. Witnessing his skills in this video, he is definitely born to play the game of pool. He is well-known for executing massé shots on moving balls as well as making balls jump very high. Unlike many professional pool players, Florian uses a specialized cue stick called the "Mezz massé cue" that allows him to do these kind of tricks.

The video is a commercial presentation to the DVD called "Venom Trickshots" Starring Florian Kohler. The DVD features an ambitious world trickshot tour that spans 9 countries, 5 weeks, and over 300 trickshots. From the casinos of Las Vegas to the mountains in China, Florian pushes innovation to defy the laws of physics at every turn.

source: youtube